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Ocean on Fire

The flame of the ocean in the Gull of Mexico has managed to put the world in shock.

Description of incident

On July 2, a flame on the ocean surface of Mexico's West Yucatan peninsula had been extinguished, accusing gas leak from an underline pipeline. The blaze was also addressed as the "eye of fire" on social media due to its unique circular shape. According to Pemex, it took more than five hours to take out the fire, from around 5:15 a.m. (local time) to 10:30 a.m. Luckily, there were no injuries reported, while ​​Angel Carrizales, head of Mexico's oil safety regulator ASEA, wrote on Twitter that the incident "did not generate any spill."

<Below is a picture from 'Climate Home News'>

Consequences of the fire

“The gas can rapidly penetrate the bodies of fish, doing direct damage to gills, skin, chemoreceptors and eyes, and filling up the gas bladder, making the fish unable to control its buoyancy,” Ramirez said. “Shellfish are also killed by exposure to gas.” If fish are exposed to gas concentrations of 1 mg per litre they show signs of acute poisoning within 20 minutes and die within two days, he added.

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