What causes it to be so severe? The marine debris.

The increased amount of garbages, such as plastics and rubber in the coastal ocean promotes the growth of marine pollution, which can be toxic to wildlife and harmful to humans. The negative effects on not only the marine animal's health but human's, and the environment caused by marine pollution hurts local fishing and tourism industries.

About 5.25 trillion micro and macro pieces of plastic waste were estimated to be in our oceans, which is a huge amount of number. It is shown that Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our oceans. As we can see from the statistics, we are currently using and wasting a large amount of unrecyclable sources.

Plastic pollution in the ocean affects several marine organisms and poisons human food systems. Micro plastics are things that can easily come into our ecosystem as well. It's ironical how our own actions come back to us with consequences. If we continue to pollute the ocean and dump garbages, plastic litter will someday cover the ocean's surface. It can have continuous effects on marine ecosystems and affect the planet's climate system.

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